About Us

New Sanemelody School Renan is located in the outskirts of district Kupwara, on the Baramulla to handwara Kralqund Renan” road, Around 75 Kilometers from an International Airport, Srinagar, the site of the institution is chosen for its remarkable atmosphere of peace and serenity and is surrounded by the number hills.

Peoples Welfare Association herein called as "PWAJK" has a clean and clear mission of setting up an institution of excellence, “New Sanemelody School Renan (NSSR)” this new house of wisdom will be a beacon of knowledge, peace and prosperity and shall serve as a bridge between people and cultures across the valley and beyond. The foundation will operate exclusively to promote educational, scientific and cultural values and objectives.

NSSR: A need in Valley - There is an urgent need to set up resource centers like community science centers and science parks. We observe worldwide drift away from the basic sciences and if this trend continues unchecked, there will soon be crises in terms of human recourses and solvoing global issues. To cater to the requirements of the 21st century, the valley is direly in need of model and moral educational institutions which will promote educational excellence, better standards of teaching and quality facilities of pedagogy. We acknowledge the several efforts of the governments to enhance the quality of education and the current scheme for universalization of education for all, one of the largest educational initiatives in the world. No doubt, enrolment has been enhanced, but the levels of quality education remain very low by this programme too. Moreover, most of the schools severely lack in modern facilities almost in all respects. There are examples of the worst student teacher ratio and horrible examples of acute infrastructure shortage particularly in sciences. Most schools run classes in corridors and under tin sheds. Deficiencies such as the low level of skills attained by secondary school students, consistently reflected in many studies and reports, are also alarming. The hands on work in majority of schools are also not visible, the science laboratory does exist but students were never trained. The problems are well known but the response to it at the national and state levels has been minimal. Therefore, there is an urgent need to set up effective science centers/laboratories that will address these lacunae in sciences. The teachers have to be trained to make use of smart/developing technologies that help in making students who are self aware, sensitive, serious and responsible human beings.
The foundation as such is committed in providing educational excellence in sciences and better standards of teaching through New Sanemelody School Renan(NSSR), which will open its doors very soon (insha-allah).

Revolution in science: A challenge - Several new chapters have been added to the history of science in the recent past, associated with the prefix-nano. The notions of nanosciences and nanotechnology pop up in every sector of modern knowledge. Inspiring and young scientists today are likely to be attracted by the depth and novelty of this new technology, setting off on a voyage of discovery in an unknown world, where the ways have not yet been signposted.

We have plenty of local products which needs to be improved for the improvement of the economy and for the betterment of the common man. Recently, Nanotechnology has been used by the Silk Industry of Kashmir. We believe that this emerging technology could be applied to other local products thus raising the living standards of the people of the state, besides accomplishing the above novel goal for academicians irrespective of their discipline. This science is in the beginning stages of transforming our lives and societies, and the youth of our nation are educationally ill-equipped to join the fast approaching changes. We need to modify the syllabi to suit the present day requirements of the students. If we do not treat children with dignity and teach them with utmost care, how can we expect them to achieve the best in their life and their fruitful returns to the society to which they belong?
Hopefully, SSR will address the issue of advanced studies in the global village by transforming students into critical thinkers, capable of participating in intelligent debates about how societies ought to be transformed. It will also answer the need to improve the standard of education in the trouble torn Valley of Kashmir, where talent is visible and where the brain is fertile.