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New Sanemelody School Renan


Pre-Nursery to 5th Standard

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Near Govt. High School Renan

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IT Education
Computer science

Welcomes you to its magnetic Islamic environment of established beliefs, conduct, practice and propagation. True knowledge is the harmonious development of physical, mental and spiritual abilities. Alhamdulillaah we provide Muslim children excellent quality education and better facilities for overall development to provide the means to be successful in this world and the world hereafter and also a sadaqat-ul- jaariyah (continuing charity) for their parents.

Besides striving for excellence in the contemporary world education children are made well versed about the moral values and various skills to inculcate in them the golden concepts of Islam in the true light of glorious Quran and authentic hadith of beloved prophet(saw). Each child is expected to play a responsible role in school life and will receive the attention of professional teaching staff that will IN SHA ALLAH nurture them to excel in various fields of life as per the confirmed principles of Islam only.

If you feel this is what you want for your child , our school and what it represents will have proved worthwhile.

With the help of Allah (sw) and the support of parents and the community we will make our school campus an environment in which learning takes place with confidence, thus creating a path to achieving excellence in education and piety. We look forward to seeing you


Alhamdulillah the formal subjects at New sanemelody school Renan school such..




Social Science


Information Technology

"Are taught with add on Islamic context and references too."

Dedicated and highly qualified teachers for formal education to teach students with audio-visual aids and 100% English language as medium of teaching

Stress is laid on slow learners by providing every child a chance to play an important part in academic and non academic activities.

The teaching faculty of Formal Education is recruited on the basis of Islamic understandings and practice in addition to their academic qualifications.


Subjects related to Islamic studies too are taught, which include following:

Arabic language

Quranic studies

Tajweeda Qirat

Hadith studies

Hifz of the Quran


Seerah of the Prophat

The teaching of these subjects are aimed to produce future generation more talented and equipped with in both Islamic and formal knowledge and practice to coop up with contemporary world challenges and be successful in this world and the hereafter.

Qualified and experienced teachers for Islamic studies induce in the children the zeal of practice and propagation to develop overall skills, intelligence and personality…and get an education to face life’s challenges and opportunities with Care, Confidence and Self-Discipline.


All NSSR students undergo an Annual Medical Check-up by a reputed pediatrician along with Medical investigation

To rule out any Medical conditions or limitations and are advised the needful care or treatment, if required
A child counselor to provide mental, social and emotional care to some students for their healthy upbringing…which may have been neglected by regular the teachers or parents, inadvertently. Compulsory involvement in Martial Arts, Football and other sports activities at NSSR help the students to enhance their physical fitness & Health. .
Well ventilated, well designed Classrooms at the NSSR facilitate the students’ learning in a silent, comfortable attentive ambience.
NSSR, is indeed one of the few Schools in the Valley which provides the safe Heating facility during pre and post Winter period.


The Annual Sports Event include, a variety of races, relays and jumps for students from Nursery onwards.

Training in Martial Arts is provided and is meant mandatory for both boys and girls with separate timings to enhance physical fitness and ensures that, by the time he/she will IN SHA ALLAH obtain a Black Belt for future self-Defense purposes.

Football for boys, helps in boosting their agility & fitness.

Facilities for Indoor games too are available